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Vibro Sifter

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Operation :

Vibro sifter consists of an assembly of screens with variable mesh size which is ideal for separation and gradation of powder, granules etc. as per the particle size.The machine is designed to achieve vibrations in multiple planes accompanied by a suitable assembly of a vibratory motor having an eccentric weight at the top and bottom ends of the motor shaft. The motor rests vertically at the center of the screen assembly, on a circular base by means of springs which allow for free vibration of the unit.

The top weight causes vibrations in the horizontal plane which causes the material to move across the screen towards the periphery of the screen. The bottom weight tilts the unit which causes vibrations in the vertical tangential axis. The angle of lead of the lower weight with respect to the upper weight provides variable control of the screening pattern. Thus the material moves across the screens and also in the vertical and tangential planes enabling maximum screening.