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The sparkler filter press consists of an assembly of filter plates and filter cloth with perforated S.S. supporting screens enclosed in an S.S. shell. The assembly is equipped with a pump to pressurize the liquid through the stack of horizontally arranged filter plates.

The cartridge assembly is provided with central spacers between each of the plates. The interlocking between these spacers serves as a central pipeline, feeding equal quantities of unfiltered liquid to each of the plates. Solid particulates in the liquid get filtered and remain on the screen, allowing only the pure liquid to pass ahead. The filtered liquid is then collected at the bottom of the tank through holes provided on each of the plates.

The plate is manufactured in two parts which allows easy and effective removal of the cake.

Zero Hold Up Sparkler Filter Press

Applications :

Salient Features :

Operation :

The liquid to be filtered is passed to the central passage of the filter cartridge. From here it finds its way to the different filter plates on which suitable filter media is used.

As the liquid progresses through the filter plates and the screens, the filter media arrests the suspensions and allows the filtrate to the shell of the main body of the filtrate media. In some cases, the process requires the recovery of the cake. The same be collected from the top of the filter media.

The added feature of this filter is that it can be backwashed without dismantling the cartridge. In case the product is same, the filter-aid required after back washing is only marginal. Since the top dome is free from any piping connection, the removal of filter cartridge is very easy.